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meet one's debtsexp USA: miː't wʌ'nz de'ts UK: miːt wʌnz dets
meet one's endexp USA: miː't wʌ'nz e'nd UK: miːt wʌnz end
meet one's engagementsv USA: miː't wʌ'nz e·ngeɪ'ʤmʌ·nts UK: miːt wʌnz ɪngeɪʤmənts
meet one's masterv USA: miː't wʌ'nz mæ'stəː· UK: miːt wʌnz mɑstər
meet one's matchv USA: miː't wʌ'nz mæ'tʃ UK: miːt wʌnz mætʃ
meet one's obligationv USA: miː't wʌ'nz ɔ"blʌ·geɪ'ʃʌ·n UK: miːt wʌnz ɔblɪgeɪʃn
meet one's expectationsundef
meet (one's) obligationsundef
meet (one's) responsibilitiesundef
failure to meet one's obligationsundef
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