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operatev intrans v USA: ɔ'pəː·eɪ"t UK: ɔpəreɪt
-operatedundef USA: ɔ'pəː·eɪ"tʌ·d UK: ɔpəreɪtɪd
operatesv USA: ɔ'pəː·eɪ"ts UK: ɔpəreɪts
be operated onexp USA: biː· ɔ'pəː·eɪ"tʌ·d ɔ'n UK: biː ɔpəreɪtɪd ɔn
hand operated ventilatorexp USA: hæ'nd ɔ'pəː·eɪ"tʌ·d ve'nʌ·leɪ"təː· UK: hænd ɔpəreɪtɪd ventɪleɪtər
co operateundef
co operatedundef
motor operatedundef
opérateur de transportnoun
r Operateurnoun opəra'tøːɐ
  1. pluralForm:
  2. Operateure
  1. genitiveForm:
  2. Operateurs
  1. gen med
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