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ponoun USA: poʊ' UK: poʊ
poachv trans v USA: poʊ'tʃ UK: poʊtʃ
poachv intrans v USA: poʊ'tʃ UK: poʊtʃ
poached eggexp USA: poʊ'tʃt e'g UK: poʊtʃt eg
poachernoun USA: poʊ'tʃəː· UK: poʊtʃər
poachingv USA: poʊ'tʃɪ·ŋ UK: poʊtʃɪŋ
pocknoun USA: pɔ'k UK: pɔk
pocketnoun USA: pɔ'kʌ·t UK: pɔkɪt
pocketadj USA: pɔ'kʌ·t UK: pɔkɪt
pocket dictionarynoun USA: pɔ'kʌ·t dɪ'kʃʌ·ne"riː· UK: pɔkɪt dɪkʃənriː
pocket handkerchiefnoun USA: pɔ'kʌ·t hæ'ŋkəː·tʃiː·f UK: pɔkɪt hæŋkətʃɪf
pocket moneynoun USA: pɔ'kʌ·t mʌ'niː· UK: pɔkɪt mʌniː
pocket-booknoun USA: pɔ'kʌ·tbʊ"k UK: pɔkɪtbʊk
pocketbooknoun USA: pɔ'kʌ·tbʊ"k UK: pɔkɪtbʊk
pocketfuladj USA: pɔ'kʌ·tfʊ"l UK: pɔkɪtfʊl
pocketknifenoun UK: pɔkɪtnaɪf
pocket-knifenoun UK: pɔkɪtnaɪf
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