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residencenoun USA: re'zʌ·dʌ·ns UK: rezɪdəns
residence timeexp USA: re'zʌ·dʌ·ns taɪ'm UK: rezɪdəns taɪm
place of residencenoun USA: pleɪ's ʌ·v re'zʌ·dʌ·ns UK: pleɪs ɔv rezɪdəns
take up one's residencev USA: teɪ'k ʌ'p wʌ'nz re'zʌ·dʌ·ns UK: teɪk ʌp wʌnz rezɪdəns
residence deviceundef
official residenceundef
system residenceundef
change of residenceundef
collection (at residence)undef
hall of residenceundef
permit of residenceundef
place of residenceundef
Where is your permanent residence?undef
carte de résidencenoun
résidence d’étudiantnoun
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