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seizev USA: siː'z UK: siːz
seize an opportunityexp USA: siː'z ʌ·n ɔ"pəː·tuː'nʌ·tiː· UK: siːz ən ɔpətjuːnɪtiː
seize backv USA: siː'z bæ'k UK: siːz bæk
seize by the collarv USA: siː'z baɪ' ðiː· kɔ'ləː· UK: siːz baɪ ðiː kɔlər
seizedv USA: siː'zd UK: siːzd
seize hold of sgv
seize upexp USA: siː'z ʌ'p UK: siːz ʌp
be seized with fearexp USA: biː· siː'zd wʌ·ð fɪ'r UK: biː siːzd wɪð fɪər
seize an opportunityundef
seized withundef
He seized me by the arm.undef
I seized the opportunity with both hands.undef
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