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take out ofexp USA: teɪ'k aʊ't ʌ·v UK: teɪk aʊt ɔv
take it out ofexp USA: teɪ'k ʌ·t aʊ't ʌ·v UK: teɪk ɪt aʊt ɔv
take sth out of sthexp
take sg out of pawnv
take the starch out of syv USA: teɪ'k ðiː· stɔ'rtʃ aʊ't ʌ·v saɪ'
take the stuffing out of syv USA: teɪ'k ðiː· stʌ'fɪ·ŋ aʊ't ʌ·v saɪ'
take the change out ofexp USA: teɪ'k ðiː· tʃeɪ'nʤ aʊ't ʌ·v UK: teɪk ðiː tʃeɪnʤ aʊt ɔv
the heat takes it out of meexp USA: ðiː· hiː't teɪ'ks ʌ·t aʊ't ʌ·v miː' UK: ðiː hiːt teɪks ɪt aʊt ɔv miː
take the wind out of sailsexp USA: teɪ'k ðiː· wɪ'nd aʊ't ʌ·v seɪ'lz UK: teɪk ðiː wɪnd aʊt ɔv seɪlz
take out of the warehouseundef
take a rise out of somebodyundef
One can take a leaf out of his book.undef
take the piss out ofundef
That really takes it out of you.undef
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