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throw inv trans v USA: θroʊ' ɪ'n UK: θroʊ ɪn
throw in his handexp USA: θroʊ' ɪ'n hʌ·z hæ'nd UK: θroʊ ɪn hɪz hænd
throw in one's handv USA: θroʊ' ɪ'n wʌ'nz hæ'nd UK: θroʊ ɪn wʌnz hænd
throw in the shadeexp USA: θroʊ' ɪ'n ðiː· ʃeɪ'd UK: θroʊ ɪn ðiː ʃeɪd
throw in the spongev USA: θroʊ' ɪ'n ðiː· spʌ'nʤ UK: θroʊ ɪn ðiː spʌnʤ
throw in the towelexp USA: θroʊ' ɪ'n ðiː· taʊ'l UK: θroʊ ɪn ðiː taʊəl
throw intov trans v USA: θroʊ' ɪ"ntʌ· UK: θroʊ ɪntuː
throw into a feverexp USA: θroʊ' ɪ"ntʌ· eɪ' fiː'vəː· UK: θroʊ ɪntuː eɪ fiːvər
throw into reliefv USA: θroʊ' ɪ"ntʌ· riː·liː'f UK: θroʊ ɪntuː rɪliːf
throw into the shadeexp USA: θroʊ' ɪ"ntʌ· ðiː· ʃeɪ'd UK: θroʊ ɪntuː ðiː ʃeɪd
throw oneself intov USA: θroʊ' wʌ"nse'lf ɪ"ntʌ· UK: θroʊ wʌnself ɪntuː
throw one's hat into the ringexp USA: θroʊ' wʌ'nz hæ't ɪ"ntʌ· ðiː· rɪ'ŋ UK: θroʊ wʌnz hæt ɪntuː ðiː rɪŋ
throw the monkey-wrench into the machineexp
throw sy into a feverv USA: θroʊ' saɪ' ɪ"ntʌ· eɪ' fiː'vəː·
throw a spanner into the worksexp USA: θroʊ' eɪ' spæ'nəː· ɪ"ntʌ· ðiː· wəː'ks UK: θroʊ eɪ spænər ɪntuː ðiː wəːks
throwing inundef
throw into a ditherundef
throw oneself into the breachundef
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