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throwv trans v USA: θroʊ' UK: θroʊ
throwv trans v USA: θroʊ' UK: θroʊ
throw aboutv trans v USA: θroʊ' ʌ·baʊ't UK: θroʊ əbaʊt
throw a fitexp USA: θroʊ' eɪ' fɪ't UK: θroʊ eɪ fɪt
throw a glance atexp USA: θroʊ' eɪ' glæ'ns æ't UK: θroʊ eɪ glɑns ət
throw a glance at syv USA: θroʊ' eɪ' glæ'ns æ't saɪ'
throw a partyexp USA: θroʊ' eɪ' pɔ'rtiː· UK: θroʊ eɪ pɑtiː
throw a spanner into the worksexp USA: θroʊ' eɪ' spæ'nəː· ɪ"ntʌ· ðiː· wəː'ks UK: θroʊ eɪ spænər ɪntuː ðiː wəːks
throw a switchv USA: θroʊ' eɪ' swɪ'tʃ UK: θroʊ eɪ swɪtʃ
throw atv trans v USA: θroʊ' æ't UK: θroʊ ət
throw a veil overexp USA: θroʊ' eɪ' veɪ'l oʊ'vəː· UK: θroʊ eɪ veɪl oʊvər
throwawaynoun USA: θroʊ'ʌ·weɪ" UK: θroʊəweɪ
throw-awayadj USA: θroʊ'ʌ·weɪ" UK: θroʊəweɪ
throw awayv trans v USA: θroʊ' ʌ·weɪ' UK: θroʊ əweɪ
throw away/outv
throw-backnoun USA: θroʊ'bæ"k UK: θroʊbæk
throw backv intrans v USA: θroʊ' bæ'k UK: θroʊ bæk
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