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throwingnoun USA: θroʊ'ɪ·ŋ UK: θroʊɪŋ
throwing the discusexp USA: θroʊ'ɪ·ŋ ðiː· dɪ'skʌ·s UK: θroʊɪŋ ðiː dɪskəs
throwing the hammerexp USA: θroʊ'ɪ·ŋ ðiː· hæ'məː· UK: θroʊɪŋ ðiː hæmər
throwing the javelinnoun USA: θroʊ'ɪ·ŋ ðiː· ʤæ'vlʌ·n UK: θroʊɪŋ ðiː ʤævlɪn
throwing awayundef
throwing backundef
throwing bodyundef
throwing circleundef
throwing circlesundef
throwing downundef
throwing inundef
throwing marksundef
throwing outundef
throwing overundef
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