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uprightadj USA: ʌ'praɪ"t UK: ʌpraɪt
upright boilerexp USA: ʌ'praɪ"t bɔɪ'ləː· UK: ʌpraɪt bɔɪlər
upright jointexp USA: ʌ'praɪ"t ʤɔɪ'nt UK: ʌpraɪt ʤɔɪnt
upright judgeexp USA: ʌ'praɪ"t ʤʌ'ʤ UK: ʌpraɪt ʤʌʤ
uprightnessnoun UK: ʌpraɪtnəs
upright pianoexp USA: ʌ'praɪ"t piː·æ'nʌ· UK: ʌpraɪt pjɑnoʊ
upright poleexp USA: ʌ'praɪ"t poʊ'l UK: ʌpraɪt poʊl
uprightsnoun USA: ʌ'praɪ"ts UK: ʌpraɪts
bolt uprightexp USA: boʊ'lt ʌ'praɪ"t UK: boʊlt ʌpraɪt
bolt uprightadv USA: boʊ'lt ʌ'praɪ"t UK: boʊlt ʌpraɪt
out of uprightexp USA: aʊ't ʌ·v ʌ'praɪ"t UK: aʊt ɔv ʌpraɪt
bolt uprightundef
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