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Is it difficult to develop a video game?

I have a few ideas that I could try to implement. How difficult is it? Can I manage on my own?

timeline képe
Regisztrált: 2022/11/23

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BalanceB képe
Regisztrált: 2022/02/08

You know, even though you're not a developer, you still have a lot of cool opportunities to implement your ideas. It would be better for you to work with a team of specialists and think about attracting art outsource or something like that. Of course, it all depends on the complexity of your project, but I think ilogos specialists will definitely suit you.

Josesv képe
Regisztrált: 2021/11/12

I have a few ideas that I could youtube to mp3 try to implement

TonySmit képe
Regisztrált: 2021/10/16

To be honest, I don't think you can do it. Still, you need to be a real expert when it comes to developing something.

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