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Supplements without side effects

I have a rather sensitive body that reacts quite sharply to various side effects if the drug has them. Therefore, I'm especially careful about various supplements, so as not to make me feel bad. But if you know effective dietary supplements without side effects, I would be glad to receive your advice.

BalanceB képe
Regisztrált: 2022/02/08

It's great that you don't take vitamins without a doctor's prescription, like most people do. Speaking of supplements, there are many different effective dietary supplements without side effects, but now I only take Gundry MD Bio Complete 3. Check out this online store, where you can learn more about this supplement and its composition. It helps me cope with digestive discomfort.

JeremySoul képe
Regisztrált: 2022/02/02

I don't take dietary supplements. To be honest, I find them a little useless. I have several vitamin complexes that the doctor prescribed for me, and this is quite enough.

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