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What is the best betting strategy in sport?

There is none. I have been betting on sports for over twenty years. I've researched everything, bought strategies and tried hundreds more. Conclusion? It's all luck and guesswork.

Take France against Luxembourg in the World Cup qualifier. It doesn't take much research to nail down France to win easily. Result? 0-0. Theses freak results happen every day. Nobody knows what the results are going to be. Nobody. People will try to baffle you with staking plans and such but what difference does that make if it's all guesswork?

Proof… Look at betting syndicates. They are serious guys with loads of cash. Do they pay top dollar to find someone to work out strategies? Of course not. They pay someone to swing a match. More proof.. If there were ways to make constant profits then there would be millions doing it. The odd punter will do it, they'll be more luckier than the rest. Trading on the exchanges works but you really have to be attentive and have a feel for it. Knowing when odds are going to go up or down is hard work.

Conclusion.. Enjoy betting and put your cash on the team/player you hate the most. If they win, at least you'll have a bit of cash. Lose… well you hate them anyway…

Rick Adams képe
Regisztrált: 2021/11/04

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