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Request for "Versenyt pörögnek a nyelvacskék"

Created by: Anonymous, 2019/03/14 - 19:28
Last modified at: 2019/03/14 - 19:28
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    A guest requests to add the word 'Versenyt pörögnek a nyelvacskék'.


    Versenyt pörögnek a nyelvacskék undef

    How to proceed?

    Only editors of this dictionary may resolve this request. If you want to participate, contact the administrators of this dictionary: admin, evirag, Péter Pallinger.


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    Ariana noticed that it was also kind of weird seeing Sebastian after they'd both been avoiding each other. She'd hoped she'd at least looked somewhat composed and distant, remembering that she was trying to convey a sense of professionalism, rather than a sense of 'I'm a home-wrecking slut, please fire me'. Although, she mused, if she wanted to be more professional looking, maybe she should stop wearing sundresses. She then put the thought to rest - there weren't many things she took pleasure from in life, wearing sweet little vintage sundresses was one of them and she wasn't about to stop.
    "Can I get you anything?" She was proud of how she'd managed some sort of complete sentence. She felt extra proud of the fact that it made sense. Go Ariana!

    Sebastian shook his head, "Just doing my monthly check on all my employees," his eyes continued to gaze at her.

    Didn't he have staff for that?
    Ariana felt the warms spread from her face to her chest, the inescapable sensation of breathlessness rushing through her. She tried to distract herself with putting the fruit away, using the excuse to look away from him. Ariana couldn't stop the flash of memory crossing her mind of the last time they'd been alone together; his lips against her, the touch of his hand between her thighs. She wanted to scream at her traitorous body and prayed that he wouldn't notice.

    "How are your classes going?" Sebastian asked, leaning against the kitchen bench as he watched her work. It was just like him to ask her a question about herself, make her feel like he was actually interested in her day to day life.

    "Ok," she nodded, "Powering through Thucydides,"

    "Dreadful," Sebastian drawled. Ariana looked up momentarily to see the mocking frown gracing his face.

    "Sure, but better than Herodotus," She couldn't help herself - knew how much he seemed to enjoy the historian and it seemed her habit of teasing him about it couldn't be stopped.

    "That is outrageous, madam" Sebastian smiled, although he didn't even seem slightly outraged by the comment. Ariana marvelled at how in just a few moments Sebastian had made her feel so comfortable in his presence. She almost felt like maybe things could go back to normal between them, maybe they could pretend the kiss, the late-night altercation, all of it, hadn't happened.

    "I mean Thucydides just seems more factual." Ariana pointed out, wishing she didn't enjoy debating with him so much.

    "Which is boring. The good thing about Herodotus is that he never lets the truth get in the way of a good story," Sebastian grinned, stepping closer to her.

    Ariana laughed, "I suppose you're right." Just like that for a few moments Sebastian had made her forget she was supposed to be ignoring him.

    He leaned across to help her put the fruit away.

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