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Request for "hanggal bíró"

Created by: Anonymous, 2017/12/18 - 18:51
Last modified at: 2017/12/18 - 18:51
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    hanggal bíró mn
    ORAL EXAM TOPIC 1/1 What would you say about yourself? My name is Adrián Ádám and I think it’s a modern name. It comes from the Latin language and it means Adriatic Sea. I like my name because it sounds good. I was born in Nyíregyháza on 20. January in 2001. I live in Nyíregyháza It’s a small near train station. I’m a student. I attend Szent Imre Catholic Secondary Grammar School in Nyíregyháza. I’m in 10 class. I’m specialized in biology I have my mother personality because I am determined I come from a large family. I have a lot of 9 cousins. I am fond of animals. In my free time I love walking in the forest, reading family stories, listening to pop music, going to concerts. mn voʊ'kʌ·l voʊkl

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