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What "role in a dictionary" means?

Depending on your role(s) you might see different things in a given dictionary. You may have the following roles in the system:

Anonymous user: any user who is not authenticated;

Can search in the dictionary, and might read all public content, however cannot create dictionaries and cannot add comments, etc. Basically everybody starts as an anonymous.

Authenticated user: the non anonymous users;

Every user who is authenticated in our system. They might join to open dictionaries, and they might request membership to moderated ones.

Member: a user, who is joined to a dictionary community;

When you join to open dictionaries, or your membership request is accepted by a dictionary admin, or the dictionary admin adds you to the list of members, you become a dictionary member. With this you get the privilege to reach all content in a dictionary, not just the public ones.

Editor: a user who has got this role from the admin of the dictionary;

The editors might create blog entries and assign for requests in a dictionary community.

Admin: a user who has got this role from another admin of the dictionary;

The admins might configure member roles as they wish in a community. E.g. they might add/remove the editor role to a user. They also might edit most parameters of a dictionary, like the membership settings, description, etc. They have all rights of the editors, too.

Owner: the creator of the dictionary;

There is always one owner of a dictionary. The owner cannot leave the community. If an owner want to pass the community to another member, he/she must ask for site admin's help.

I've created a dictionary, but it is not listed on the dictionaries page

There are different levels of privacy for the dictionary communities. You can change if it is public or not. It controls if users outside the community can or cannot access the community pages. Another setting is if it might be listed in group listings. To be listed on public dictionary lists, you have to enable it selecting the proper option on your dictionary edit page.

How can I add a dictionary which is not listed among the selectable languages?

If you need a new selectable language, you have to send us a mail stating that you are very determined to maintain a great community around the dictionary where the to/from language is the requested one.

Why orange?

You mean the GUI? It is not orange. By my boss: the colors of the GUI are feldspar colors.