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Request for "leszögezi álláspontját, és nem tágít"

Created by: Anonymous, 2012/11/01 - 19:32
Last modified at: 2012/11/01 - 19:32
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    This is a typo in the UK version of this phrase.


    leszögezi álláspontját, és nem tágít kif
    nail one's colours to the must
    nail one's colours to the mast kif neɪl wʌnz kʌləz tuː ðiː mʌst
    nail one's colors to the mast kif neɪ'l wʌ'nz kʌ'ləː·z tʌ· ðiː· mæ'st neɪl wʌnz kɔlərz tuː ðiː mɑst

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