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Request for "megragadja az alkalmat"

Created by: Anonymous, 2012/11/27 - 16:24
Last modified at: 2012/11/27 - 16:24
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    megragadja az alkalmat kif
    take the opportunity kif teɪ'k ðiː· ɔ"pəː·tuː'nʌ·tiː· teɪk ðiː ɔpətjuːnɪtiː
    seize an opportunity kif siː'z ʌ·n ɔ"pəː·tuː'nʌ·tiː· siːz ən ɔpətjuːnɪtiː
    catch on i tni kæ'tʃ ɔ'n kætʃ ɔn
    bandwagon / jump on the - exp bæ'ndwæ"gʌ·n ʤʌ'mp ɔ'n ðiː· bændwægən ʤʌmp ɔn ðiː
    bandwagon / climb on the - exp bæ'ndwæ"gʌ·n klaɪ'm ɔ'n ðiː· bændwægən klaɪm ɔn ðiː

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