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Request for "tér"

Created by: Anonymous, 2020/04/24 - 11:24
Last modified at: 2020/04/24 - 11:24
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    tér fn
    stretj4k4k4h fn stre'tʃ stretʃ
    square fn skwe'r skweər
    Körbenézett a zsúfolt téren.
    She looked around the crowded square.
    space fn speɪ's speɪs
    U5t fn
    rég scope fn skoʊ'p skoʊp
    room fn ruː'm ruːm
    átv range fn reɪ'nʤ reɪnʤ
    place fn pleɪ's pleɪs
    ground fn graʊ'nd graʊnd
    field mn fiː'ld fiːld
    A terepgyakorlat célja a mediterrán növény- és állatvilág megismerése.
    The purpose of the field practice is to study the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean.
    clearance fn klɪ'rʌ·ns klɪərəns

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