What "role in a dictionary" means?

Depending on your role(s) you might see different things in a given dictionary. You may have the following roles in the system:

Anonymous user: any user who is not authenticated;

Can search in the dictionary, and might read all public content, however cannot create dictionaries and cannot add comments, etc. Basically everybody starts as an anonymous.

Authenticated user: the non anonymous users;

Every user who is authenticated in our system. They might join to open dictionaries, and they might request membership to moderated ones.

Member: a user, who is joined to a dictionary community;

When you join to open dictionaries, or your membership request is accepted by a dictionary admin, or the dictionary admin adds you to the list of members, you become a dictionary member. With this you get the privilege to reach all content in a dictionary, not just the public ones.

Editor: a user who has got this role from the admin of the dictionary;

The editors might create blog entries and assign for requests in a dictionary community.

Admin: a user who has got this role from another admin of the dictionary;

The admins might configure member roles as they wish in a community. E.g. they might add/remove the editor role to a user. They also might edit most parameters of a dictionary, like the membership settings, description, etc. They have all rights of the editors, too.

Owner: the creator of the dictionary;

There is always one owner of a dictionary. The owner cannot leave the community. If an owner want to pass the community to another member, he/she must ask for site admin's help.